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    While making plans to go to Afghanistan, Cihan and Osman change their plans due to Russia’s attack on Ukraine. During the first days of war, they attempt to head into Ukraine by reversing the route followed by the people fleeing the war. They use action cameras to record and remember what they witness during this journey; it is, however, upon their return that they realize just how valuable these images are. Even though they witness what takes place in the background of the war and hear the stories of different people they meet, they still think that it is impossible for them to truly understand the traumas lodged in people’s memories until an airstrike is carried out to their location while they are trying to reach besieged Kyiv.

Cemal cihan kırlı

ukrainian war documentary

russia-ukraine war

russia-ukraine war

crossing the red line poster

crossing the red line



Hardworking Hands and Benevolent Hearts! This 71-minute low-budget feature-length documentary was brought to life by a team that gave their best efforts to depict the events unfolding in the backdrop of the Ukrainian war.

  Cemal Cihan Kırlı


Osman Burak Gülveren


Nusret Emre Bilgin


Fatih Dedeoğlu


Deniz Balım

music/sound mix & design

Bora Gökay


Neşe Durduik


Burcu Halaç

story editor/subtitle turkish-eng

Vadym Sukliian 

subtitle ukrainian-eng

Dmytro Sukliian 

subtitle ukrainian-eng

Gökçe Kelleci

graphic artist


For Humanity

How to help people in Ukraine 

As highlighted in our documentary 'Crossing the Red Line,' coming together in the early days of the war, Zhanna Galeyeva and Isaac Yeung established "Bird of Light Ukraine," becoming a source of hope by providing essential aid such as medical supplies, food, hygiene kits, and clean water to the people of Ukraine. Your support can be a lifeline for those affected. Join their efforts and be a force for good.

   Aid for Refugees

As highlighted in our documentary 'Crossing the Red Line', it is important to help people who are affected by war to heal their suffering and trauma. Irina Preuss and Andreas Preuss founded an independent aid organization operating in Ukraine, Germany & Romania and working tirelessly since the beginning of the invasion to help people. You can provide much-needed assistance to those affected by war, forced to abandon their homes and seek refuge.

Every effort has been made to trace copyright holders and to obtain their permission for the use of copyrighted material. The producers apologize for any errors or omissions and would be grateful if notified of any corrections that should be incorporated in future reprints or editions of this film.

Crossing the Red Line © 2023 Modi Film Collective

modi film collective


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+90 551 403 51 35



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